Buying or Selling a Practice ~ Everything You Need to Know

In 90 or so minutes

This boardroom briefing will provide you with the very latest details regarding the transactional market.

Whether you are the 1 in 2 practitioners believed to be considering a sale of your equity or firm in the coming five years, or are one of the numerous purchasers still on the acquisition trail, this update should not be missed. Benefit from Michelle’s years of firsthand experience as a licensed practice broker throughout Australia.

Selling or buying a practice is far from easy; it requires patience, commitment, time and market knowledge to ensure you achieve the very best outcome possible. There is but one chance to be truly successful, and it is about more than purely the dollars.

No two deals are the same and unfortunately there are often regrets following settlement. Thus, as part of this briefing, Michelle Knights will share with you:

  • The overall transactional process from pre-listing to post settlement
  • Our tips and experiences that will both help and hinder the process
  • Current market metrics that will drive price
  • Summarise and update other common terms and conditions that make up the current deals


Plus – Financing the Deal

Joining us will be John Bownas from Hyaline Finance, who has over 20 years’ experience working in corporate and commercial banking, including 10 years specialising in finance for professional services firms.

He now works for accountants and their clients in sourcing and negotiating optimal funding terms, including acquisitions, capital restructures and partner capital funding. John will briefly summarise the current market for sourcing finance for acquisitions, highlighting the key points to know before commencing this process.


Included Bonuses:

  • A diagram of the transaction process
  • A sample information memorandum template outlining the data to provide re a firm for sale (valued at $165)
  • A sample offer template, listing many of the items for inclusion when structuring an offer.


Each session will be held in the CBD, commencing at 9am and concluding at 11am. To register, click here.

Additionally, Michelle & John will be consulting with firms in each of these locations around these dates. To book a consultation with Michelle, contact us on (02) 9233 4333 or email To arrange a consultation with John, please call 0409 227 183.

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