June 2020 Charge Rates & Salaries Survey

~ the very latest data to underpin your review process ~

Our June 2020 Charge Rates & Salaries Survey is now available to participating & non-participating firms.

Benchmarks are an invaluable tool for REVIEWING and IMPROVING the performance of your practice.

It's immensely important to have the latest market data and commentary at hand to underpin your informed decisions.

Why benchmark your salaries and charge rates?

  • Identify if you are paying your staff a fair and reasonable salary
  • Learn whether your charge rates are keeping pace with your expenses, inflation & salary expectations; are you recouping your costs?
  • Manage salary expectations of current staff
  • Ensure your salaries are competitive with market in order to attract and retain good quality staff
  • Budget salary estimates for the year ahead
  • Monitor trends in the marketplace

With Us ....

  • Our information is reliable, trustworthy and current; predominantly collated within a 3 month timeframe
  • Quality, independent market research; we work with sole practictioner to 2nd Tier firms nationally
  • Industry knowledge & experience; comprehensive & thorough, our categories include 16 professional staff and 15 administration positions
  • Accurate reports illustrated by state and region, number of partners and gross fee size
  • Only report of its kind to provide current as well as proposed data

To learn more and register today please CLICK HERE 

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