Financial Planners
Our unique blend of products and services have evolved over our 40 year history which is why our reputation as INDUSTRY LEADERS precedes us. Our CORE SERVICE streams include:-


Our primary focus is to improve the performance and management of professional accounting, financial planning and legal practices. Our scope is broad but focused as we are able to offer in-depth industry experience and knowledge backed by current practice based data and market trends. We specialise in effective succession planning and all matters pertaining to the transitioning of equity within firms. Please CLICK HERE to learn how we can be of assistance to your firm.

Benchmarking & Key Practice Data for Financial Planners

Our firm is a market leader in providing key benchmarking information to the Australian Accounting profession and, more recently the Financial Planning Industry. In July 2013 we released an inaugural benchmarking report “Financial Planners Typical Fees Report”. This report gave financial planners the heads-up on the most common ‘methods of charging’ to be used post FoFA and the typical fees that would be applied within these approaches. The industry uptake of this ground braking report encouraged us to conduct the on-line survey 12 months later to ascertain the REALITY OF FoFA. CLICK HERE to learn more about this report and purchase your copy of the results.

Practice Broking

Michelle Knights is a licensed broker for the purchase and sale of professional practices. We offer a very structured, hands-on approach to the sale process. We understand that the process of selling or buying a practice is very complex and challenging for any Vendor so it is our firm’s policy to take as much of the broking process away from the vendor as possible. To discover the extent of our Practice Broking Services please CLICK HERE.


We are an EXPERIENCED and INDEPENDENT valuer of professional firms having valued in excess of 5,500 Practices throughout Australia. At Rob Knights & Co our main point of difference in the way we value firms is our METHODOLOGY. To learn more CLICK HERE.

Practice Protection

This unique and innovative service is specifically designed to minimise the burden of risk to the sole or small practitioner. We would all agree that the greatest risk sole and small practitioners face is an unexpected injury or death, which prevents their dependants benefiting from the equity established in their business.

Exclusive to Rob Knights & Co, “Practice Protection” provides secure storage and annual revisions of all relevant practice data that, in the event of something untimely happening, can be used to expedite the sale of the practice, without having family or friends further distressed at an already difficult time.

CLICK HERE here to learn how easy and inexpensive it is ensure your own ‘Peace of Mind’.


As we are recognised as industry experts across a broad range of services, Michelle Knights periodically runs a number of engaging presentations for our clientele. Michelle’s content is current, market-based and relevant to businesses that want to differentiate themselves. She is also a sought after keynote speaker at industry events and is often asked to facilitate internal partner retreats and strategic planning sessions. Michelle is available for speaking engagements on topics such as succession planning, practice broking and practice performance & management. To learn more please CLICK HERE.

Register for MAP Memo

Michelle Knights writes a well regarded industry newsletter MAPMemo which is released each month. CLICK HERE to register your interest. Michelle also BLOGs and contributes regularly to professional journals and magazines such as BRW, Asset Magazine and AFR.